About Us

Mission & Vision

We started Surabhi Sampada with a simple mission – making high-quality natural products people can trust.

Happy, Healthy, Self- Empowered, Harmonious, Powerful, Value based and Ethical Society

Social, Economical and Spiritual Transformation of Society with Youth Employment and Women Empowerment through Cow-based Scientific approach.

Surabhi Sampada Pvt. Ltd aims to work towards developing a cow based economy using the age old miraculous ingredients namely panch gavya, to produce organic bio fertilizers and other cow based products and byproducts, and thereby contributing to the growth of country globally in agriculture sector, rural development and poverty alleviation.

Dr.Vallabhbhai Kathiria


Dr.Vallabhbhai Kathiria has good knowledge about Gir Cows and other breed cows as well as in the agriculture and currently he is the Chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog ,New Delhi formed by the Government of India and also in past he was Member of Parliament, Minister of State in Government of India, Chairman of Gauseva Aayog Gujarat, had experience of Products manufactured from Panchgavya i.e.,Cow Milk,Cow Curd,Cow Ghee,Cow Urine,Cow Dung and other value added products like Liquid bio fertilizer and will lead company to success in the Business.

Dr.Atman Kathiria

Managing Director

Dr.Atman Vallabhbhai kathiria is him self a Radiologist and having the deep knowledge about the Gir Cows and products manufactured from Panchgavya i.e.,Cow Milk,Cow Curd,Cow Ghee,Cow Urine,Cow Dung etc.He is also having the good experience of Business strategy development and to manage the business perfectly.