Gau Amrutam Liquid Bio FertiIizer

Botanical Name: Roman

CSA#: 8015-88-1


In nurseries, conventionally plastic bags are used to grow the plant saplings. There are many disadvantages associated with the plastic bags like not being bio-degradable, having nil porosity, and hence not being eco friendly. Moreover, after germination, the bag has to be torn off to facilitate root growth and in case the bag is not torn properly the plant gets damaged.

Therefore we are manufacturing the eco friendly pot by using cow dung and agriculture waste, which is completely biodegradable.

Liquid Biofertilizer made from Cow Dung, Cow Urine, Butter Milk, and other natural ingredients is eco friendly and increase the growth of plants and can be used in Kitchen gardens, Terrace gardens, Agriculture farm,s and is chemical-free.